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Employment law

Employment, dismissal and employee representation

Employment law is one of our niche areas. Our employment law specialists have in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of employment relationships. We help HR and management make decisions on a wide variety of matters concerning the employer-employee relationship. We provide support in issues such as dismissal, non-competition clauses, employment contracts and restructuring. If litigation is needed, we go the extra mile to win.

Contract law

Commercial agreements and disputes

Every company has commercial relationships and agreements that must be concluded in contracts. Our specialists assist companies in negotiations and help to document agreements. They translate complex relationships and issues into clear agreements, covering both Dutch and cross-border legal relationships. Our lawyers also handle contract terminations and commercial disputes. We have extensive litigation experience, both in court and in arbitration.

Corporate law

Business law and company law

All businesses or companies have a specific legal form, such as a private limited company or a business partnership. Corporate law is about the incorporation and establishment of such legal forms. It also regulates relations and control within the company, such as the relationship between shareholders and directors or the relationship between partners. Corporate law is also important for mergers and acquisitions, and certain joint ventures. Ovidius advises and litigates in the field of corporate law.

Mediation & counseling

Business and employment disputes.

Ovidius has a dedicated and highly trained mediation team. Our mediators specialize in business disputes and employment disputes, areas of expertise in which they have knowledge and experience. In disputes, parties often have the solutions in their own hands but cannot find their way to the solution. This is where the mediators of Ovidius can be of valuable assistance: they provide constructive and practicable guidance.

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