Corporate law

Business law, legal entity law and company law

All businesses or companies have a specific legal form, such as a private limited company or a business partnership. Corporate law is about the incorporation and establishment of such legal forms. It also regulates relations and control within the company, such as the relationship between shareholders and directors or the relationship between partners. Corporate law is also important for mergers and acquisitions, and certain joint ventures. Ovidius advises and litigates in the field of corporate law.

Laws and regulations for organisations and the environment in which they operate are continuously changing. As a result, organisations have to adapt quickly and need specialist knowledge. Ovidius has this knowledge.

We use our extensive experience and expertise to advise and litigate in a wide range of corporate law issues, including:

  • directors’ liability
  • corporate litigation
  • joint ventures
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • partnerships
  • shareholder disputes
  • restructurings

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Corporate law experts

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