Contract law

Commercial agreements and disputes

In doing business, mutual trust is essential. But it is equally important to ensure all agreements are recorded properly. What do the parties expect from each other, and what happens if one of the parties fails to honour the agreement? How does an agreement come about? What conditions does an agreement have to meet to be valid? What happens if a party fails to comply with an agreement? All these concerns are dealt with by contract law. A clear contract provides a foundation. Most importantly, it gives you something to fall back on in the event of a dispute or conflict.

Every company has to deal with privacy law (data protection law). The first step is to create awareness: what needs to be done to make a company as ‘GDPR proof’ as possible? For instance, various documents must be drawn up, such as a privacy statement, cookie statement, data breach protocol and privacy manual. Data processing agreements must often be concluded as well.

Contracts need to be tailored to the specific circumstances and require the hand of an expert. Ovidius has this expertise.

If possible, we use in-house models and provisions. This speeds up the process.

We can assist you with several kinds of commercial contracts, such as:

  • purchasing and sales contracts
  • IT contracts
  • distribution agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • service level contracts (SLAs)
  • cooperation agreements
  • framework agreements
  • service contracts
  • terms and conditions (B2B and B2C)
  • agreements of intent (memorandum of understanding / letter of intent / term sheet)
  • agency agreements
  • franchise agreements

Commercial disputes

Our contract law team has extensive experience in dispute settlement. We provide legal advice and litigation services for disputes relating to a wide array of commercial relationship. Think, for example, of a dispute about software implementation, services, a transaction, negotiations broken off contrary to good faith and fair dealing. Or think about a dispute within a partnership, between shareholders or with a board of directors. If possible, we prefer to solve your issues without litigation. In determining what path to take, we not only assess the legal side of the matter but also take into account the commercial interests and possible future collaboration between the parties. Together, we determine a strategy that will work best for you. In many cases, a dispute can be resolved in good faith by advising and negotiating effectively, with the help of a mediator if necessary. If there is no alternative but to litigate, our team has extensive experience, both in arbitration and in court (including attachment, interim injunction and appeal).

Privacy law

We use our experience and expertise to advise in a wide range of privacy law issues, including:

  • data protection policy
  • privacy statements, privacy disclaimers, cookie policy and data breach protocol
  • hiring and registering a data protection officer
  • data processing agreements
  • international transfer of data
  • notifications, monitoring and enforcement b the Dutch Data Protection Authority
  • data and security breaches

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Contract law experts

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